Donations - Chodesh Gelt
BL"H the response to the chodesh gelt project has been very strong. The idea started as a way to help keep a positive monthly cash flow in the Yeshiva's payroll account. A donor either gives 12 head checks or a credit card which is debited each month. Usually, the amount ranges from $18 to $100 per month and is in addition to any other gift. Because of the relatively small amount each month, most alumni are able to participate and the campaign is meeting with excellent results for the Yeshiva. In addition, every chodesh is a new donation and therefore a new mitzvah and in the words of the Rambam, "Hamalos lo yagea liodom lifi rov godol hamaseh, avol lifi rov mispar hamasim". Ma'alos comes to a person not by the greatness of a ma'aseh but by the number of times it is done. Therefore, to give 12 times is greater than giving that same total in one shot. Please respond via this site or by calling 732-330-6893. Thank you and tizku l'mitvos.